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"Annual General Meeting 2008"

Date: Tuesday 15th July 2008

Venue: International House, Telford 18:30pm start

Event Synopsis: Notification of Annual General Meeting - Telford Branch

I have pleasure in drawing your attention to the Annual General Meeting of the Telford Branch of the British Computer Society, which will be held on Tuesday, 15th July in Capgemini International House, Stafford Park 11, Telford, Shropshire, TF3 3AY, commencing at 18:30.


I would be grateful if you could make every effort to attend this important event in our calendar.



1. Apologies for Absence

2. Minutes of the Annual General Meeting

3. Chair’s Report

4. Treasurer’s Report

5. Other Reports [Optional]

6. Election of Committee

7. Any Other Business

8. Networking Event – “Any Old Iron”



Copies of the last AGM Minutes and Officers’ reports will be distributed at the AGM. Your Branch committee needs your support to continue in its work for all members. We urgently need new committee members to help us run our events as in previous years. We would be grateful for all nominations to join the committee using the forms included.


Nominations are sought for the Offices of:


  • Chair
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Email Co-ordinator
  • Membership Secretary
  • Webmaster
  • Also for membership of the Committee


The previous year’s committee is listed in full below. The positions marked with an asterisk (*) will become vacant, to be filled at this AGM from nominations received. Please note that, according to Branch rules, nominations for the election of Chair, Secretary and Treasurer must be signed[1] by two Branch members and lodged with the Secretary (Name and address) at least 7 days before the date fixed for the Annual General Meeting that is before the 8th July 2008. The consent of the nominee must be lodged with the nomination.


Last Year’s Committee

Committee Role Name:


Andrew Lee

Vice Chairperson / Webmaster / Branches Congress Liaison

Catherine Catton


Graham Sturrock

Public Relations Officer

Shehan Gunawardena

Education Liaison Officer

Melanie Pendergast

Email Coordinator

Ian Howles

Branches Congress Representative


Events Coordinator

Ian Andrews

Branch Committee Member

Peter Buchanan

Branch Committee Member

Andrew Corbett

Branch Committee Member

Tristan Martin

Branch Committee Member

Christopher Woods


Following the AGM, there will be a networking event called “Any Old Iron” which will be an opportunity to come along and view computer related artefacts from years gone by. If anybody wishes to bring any interesting computer artefacts along please could you contact Andrew Lee by email to ensure that we do not run short on space in the venue.


Andrew Lee
Branch Chair

BRITISH COMPUTER SOCIETY – TELFORD BRANCH Nominations for the Branch Committee for 2008/2009


Please use BLOCK CAPS


Nomination for the position of:




Membership Number



Membership Number



Membership Number





Appendix A – Formal rules for BCS Branches


1. Election and retirement of Branch Officers and Committee Members
1.1. The Branch Officers and the other Committee members shall in the first instance be elected by the Branch members at a Special Meeting as soon as possible after the creation of the Branch. All elections subsequent to the original election of the Branch Committee shall be held at the Annual General Meeting of the Branch. The members shall be appointed for a one year term. The Branch Officers shall retire at the Annual General Meeting, but shall be eligible for re-election. If a Branch Officer resigns prior to an Annual General Meeting, the Branch Committee shall have the power to appoint an eligible member of the Branch Committee to serve in that Office until the next Annual General Meeting.
1.2. All members and Officers of the Branch committee shall stand for one year and be open to re-election. There is no limit on how long one can be a committee member. The election of each committee member shall be recorded in the AGM minutes. The Branch Secretary shall notify Branch members of vacancies occurring on the Branch Committee at least twenty-one days before the date fixed for the Annual General Meeting. Alternatively, all committee members and Officers may stand down in rotation to prevent the loss of corporate memory, to prevent all committee members retiring simultaneously.

1.3. Nominations for election to the offices of Branch Chair, Branch Secretary, Branch Treasurer must be signed[2] by two Branch members and must be lodged with the Branch Secretary at least fourteen days before the date fixed for the Annual General Meeting. The consent of the nominee must be lodged with the nomination. If the submitted nominations do not enable all the vacancies to be filled, then further nominations shall be acceptable from the floor of the Annual General Meeting.

1.4. If there is more than one nomination received for a vacancy, the Chair may decide to conduct a secret ballot in order to rank nominations in order of preference, and declare elected the person with the highest ranking. Alternatively, the Chair may decide to conduct the elections of Branch Officers and committee members by a show of hands and a simple majority.

1.5. If only one nomination is received for a vacancy, the Branch members at the Annual General Meeting shall confirm the election by a majority vote, using a show of hands.

1.6. The committee may choose to appoint a Vice Chair to deputise in the Chair’s absence.


2. Annual General Meeting (AGM)

2.1. The Annual General Meeting of the Branch shall be called for a date within two calendar months after the close of the Society's financial year (ending 30 April) and it is recommended that it be held after mid-May to allow HQ Finance time to prepare year end statements. The date, time and place of the meeting shall be fixed by resolution of the Branch Committee. The BMC shall have power to call the Branch Annual General Meeting on default of the Branch Committee.

2.2. At least fourteen days' written[3] notice of the date, time and place of the Branch Annual General Meeting shall be given by the Branch Secretary or Email Co-ordinator to Branch members and to the Branches Manager of the Society.

2.3. At the Annual General Meeting the Branch Committee shall present a Written Report on the activities and finances of the Branch, signed by the Branch Chair, and a Statement of Receipts and Payments for the preceding year prepared by HQ Finance. An electronic copy of the Written Report shall be sent to the Branches Manager of the Society, within one month after the Branch Annual General Meeting, who will monitor receipt, report to BMC and follow up.

2.4. SEVEN Branch members shall constitute a quorum for the Branch Annual General Meeting.

2.5. In the event that a quorum is not achieved, the meeting shall be reconvened at a later date within 14 days of the original date, and shall proceed with those members present.

2.6. All Branch members shall be eligible to vote in person at the Branch Annual General Meetings. Voting shall be by show of hands unless those Branch members present decide that a poll will be taken of Branch members present. In the case of an equality of votes, whether on a show of hands or by poll, the Chair of the meeting shall be entitled to a second or casting vote.

BRANCH GUIDELINES - Roles for Committee Members

These roles are required or recommended as indicated, or optional

Committee members can be flexible in sharing these duties amongst each other. The duties outlined in the required roles must be done by someone on the Committee. Please ensure that anyone working with member details is a chartered member7, and that at least two of Chair, Treasurer and Secretary are chartered members7.


Chair (Required)

• Chairs all General (AGMs and EGMs) and Committee meetings.
• Responsible for the supervision of all matters concerning the effective administration of the Branch.
• Ensures the formulation of strategies for the Committee and implements appropriate actions to achieve the strategic goals.
• Must normally be a chartered[4] member
• Must be registered for BCS Connect online services[5]


Secretary (Required)

• Giving due notice of all General Meetings (AGMs and EGMs) to all Branch members.
• Giving due notice of committee vacancies to all Branch members.
• Arranges suitable locations for committee meetings.
• Prepares and issues agenda for all General Meetings and committee meetings.
• Records the minutes of all General Meetings and committee meetings and issuing copies to HQ.
• Handles BCS HQ correspondence.
• Must be registered for BCS Connect online services8


Membership Secretary (Required)

• Must be a chartered9 member
• Records attendance at events.
• Writes up reports on events.
• Maintains Committee address list.
• Co-ordinates the recruitment of IT professionals at Branch events and through other methods.
• Using data provided on a monthly basis by HQ contacts:
• Welcomes new local members and issues information on forthcoming Branch events
• Encourages individuals who have enquired about membership to join and issues information on forthcoming Branch events
• Identifies and maintains a database of contacts in key organisations
• Complies with the BCS Data Protection Guidelines
• Must be registered for BCS Connect online services10


Email Co-ordinator (Required)

• Issues emails to Branch members notifying forthcoming events using the BCS list server facility. Can be asked to send emails to own Branch members by other Branches.


Webmaster (Required)

• Creates and maintains the Branch website, liaising with HQ over the various methods.


Branches Congress Representative (Recommended)

• Attends the twice yearly Branches Congress and reports to Branch Committee.
• Must be registered for BCS Connect online services


Education Liaison Officer (Recommended)

• Corresponds with colleges and schools.
• Organises suitable events to represent the BCS in local schools/colleges, such as careers evenings or attends those organised by local schools and Careers Offices.


Publicity Officer (Recommended)

• Ensures maximum coverage of branch events, both before and after they occur.
• Writes copy for media on Branch activities.
• Liaises with BCS Editor over diary entries in ‘Computing’, ‘Computer Weekly’ and ‘e-Bulletin’.
• Liaises with local press and radio.
• Organises mail shots, programme cards, posters, etc.


Committee member (Required to meet total of 6 committee members)

• Helps run Branch generally.
• Deputises for other officers as required.
• Particularly required for suggestions for the season’s programme.


Please note:

We recommend that all committee members register for BCS Connect online services so that they can access all of their Branch's secure data on the web site and access Branches’ Congress information