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BCS Shropshire - Branch Event 2020

Date: Tuesday 15th December 2020 6.30pm

Venue: Online Zoom event booked through Meetup click here



BCS Shropshire : IT Automation to the rescue, the future is bright


Following on from our most successful restart of events last month, we have a "special" this time, IT automation is all of the rage generating much M&A activity in these types of companies especially those specialising in Robotic Business Automation(RPA).

Paul McGillivraySpeaker – Paul McGillivray

Paul McGillivray explores the trends in automation that are massively disrupting the software industry, from code generation and CI/CD, to RPA and low-code platforms. This is the talk you need to attend if you're to thrive during this tsunami of change that is enveloping every market, powered by technology.


Paul McGillivray is an experienced digital strategist, with over twenty one years leading software teams at CTO level. As co-founder and CTO of Remote, an award-winning custom software agency, he leads a team of experts building online applications that automate business processes; freeing teams to do more meaningful work and make a positive impact in the world. He's worked with startups, scale-ups, and global brands like Sony, Volvo, Mitsubishi, Volkswagen Group and Tesco. He's also co-founder and CTO of Code Assembly. The company's first product, incoder, is a disruptive SaaS platform for software developers that dramatically reduces the time it takes to develop and release software. Announced at TechCrunch Disrupt in San Francisco in 2019, it is set to launch in 2021. Paul's passionate about helping business leaders to harness their purpose, using software to level-up and scale their businesses. On this theme, he's delivered keynotes at both TEDx and B1G1x events, is a co-author of the best-selling book Legacy, and is host of the Purpose First podcast, as well as a regular guest on many business podcasts. His book The Automated Business is due out in Spring 2021.


To find out more about Paul, visit For more about Remote, visit

Like our previous sessions, we will be making time for some great debate around this very topical subject. It is amazing what has come out of these debates in previous events.


The final Q & A is not restricted to the topic at hand, like previous sessions, ask away. We are hear to learn about all aspects of IT.

It will be on Zoom. Edward Bedell will be MC, and no doubt there will be some teething problems... all part of our great informality...


18.30 Welcome - Ed Bedell
18.45 IT Automation to the rescue, the future is bright. - Paul McGillivray
19.30 Q&A
20.15 Meeting end.... but folks welcome to stay on the call
21.00 Close down.

Looking forward to seeing you all again.


WHEN: Tuesday 15th December 2020 from 18:30

WHERE: Online Zoom event booked through Meetup

BOOK: click here