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BCS Shropshire Systems Forum - Quality Team Based System Development - The Approaches - Tooling and Why


6th June 7.30pm The Cock Hotel - Holyhead Road Wellington, Shropshire, TF1 2DL

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About the speaker:

For this event we are very lucky to have Sean Hunter from PCA Predict. He is very experienced in non Microsoft approaches to codevelopment, as well as Microsoft approaches. Sean is a software developer with a passion for learning and sharing what he knows with the community. He recently moved to sunny Worcester after 6 years of web development in Melbourne Australia.  Sean now works in a team of developers at PCA Predict following a Kanban Style development workflow. The team focuses on continuous delivery of new and updated services through a combination of Git, TeamCity and Octopus deploy. We are also very lucky to have Chris Windfield, Sean’s Team Lead, who will co-present with Sean.

About the topic:

Designing and developing software in a solo environment is more straight forward, but what happens when you need to scale up to a team based environment. How do you plug in contractors, in this lifecycle, on a short term basis?
Following on from our very excellent talk on Agile last month, we now focus on team based environments and tooling that enable top quality and agile system implementation and deployment. So you have a set of features, allocated to a sprint. What next? Who is coding what? How can we ensure that the new code is stored properly and does not conflict will a fellow coder’s efforts. How are all the deliverables merged successfully? How is quality baked into this process? How do we deploy?

Increasingly our competitors are upgrading their systems on an ever frequent basis. In some sectors, it is no longer good enough to release every six months, releases have to happen far more frequently. This is a huge challenge, and automation holds the key. This talk presents different approaches and tooling, from experienced. There is no one right answer.

Come along to this most relevant forum event which is likely to generate much debate, and add value to all of our efforts.

Expect to hear about:


• Why bother with a good approach to team development.


• How do we bake in quality?  


• The importance of version control.


• How do we track the issues?


• What is continuous integration?


• What is application lifecycle management


• The way forward



 We look forward to seeing you on June 6th at 7.30pm.




7.30pm      Arrive


7.45pm      Talk


8.15pm       Break/ Food


8.30pm      Discussion


9.00pm      Wrap up


9.15pm       Close. 





We have simple but good food. Basically there is a choice of fab pork pies, chips and bread or a vegetarian option. Please let us know when you book/RSVP. The cost is just £4 each, and is operated via a honesty system. Basically you pay us at the end of the event, in cash, and this is then directly paid to the pub for food.