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BCS Shropshire - Systems Forum : Agile=Quality, on time, within budget, really?

    April 4 · 7:30 PM
    Cock Hotel

About the speaker:

We are very lucky to have Gavin Adam as our speaker, who is a real expert on Agile, Scrum Master, and is helping HMRC with the use of Agile Methods.

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About the topic:

The System Forum is now launched with a most successful event in November 2015 on Security. We now turn our spotlight onto a most exciting approach to Systems delivery which is gaining much traction in the industry, and that is the “Agile” approach to systems delivery.

The “Agile” Approach to systems delivery appeared due to a concern that current “waterfall” methods were too heavy weight. This approach was formalised in 2001 with the publishing of the “Agile Manifesto” to promote:

-  Individuals and interactions over Processes and tools

-  Working software over Comprehensive documentation

-  Customer collaboration over Contract negotiation

-  Responding to change over Following a plan

It pulled together numerous techniques such as Extreme Programming (“XP”), “Sprints”, “Scrums” and other methods to achieve this.

Many organisations are now really taking this approach on board. Is this just another fad, or is there real benefit? Does the evolutionary development approach compromise up front requirements analysis and design? Does “Agile” risk creating a patchwork of features with no real streamlined systems design?

Come along to this most relevant forum event to understand what the Agile Method is all about, and contribute to the debate.

We look forward to seeing you on February 1st at 7.30pm.


7.30pm      Arrive

7.45pm      Talk

8.15pm       Break/ Food

8.30pm      Discussion

9.00pm      Wrap up

9.15pm       Close.


We have simple but good food. Basically there is a choice of fab pork pies, chips and bread or a vegetarian option. Please let us know when you book/RSVP. The cost is just £4 each, and is operated via a honesty system. Basically you pay us at the end of the event, in cash, and this is then directly paid to the pub for food.