BCS Shropshire System Forum - Snowden, Cyber-attacks, their impact.

    Nov 30, 2015 · 7:30 PM
    Cock Hotel

TITLE: "Snowden, Cyber-attacks, their impact and the way forward"

TOPIC: This is our first event which is very exciting..... So we decided to kick off our meetings with a very topical issue of Cyber Security. Fairly recently the world of online data privacy was thrown in doubt with the invalidation of the Safe-Harbor agreement, by the EU Advocate General,  which is designed to protect EU data stored on US infrastructure which Edward Snowden initially raised as a major issue from the US and other security agencies.

More information: More detail on Safe Harbor.

The breach at TalkTalk hit the headlines and its ramifications are wide reaching. It was a sad example of what can happen in a corporate cyber breach. How can we prevent this from happening again ?

As IT professionals we have an increasing challenge to protect the data that is entrusted to the organisations that we work for. We need to be ahead of the curve on this.

This talk will aim to kick off the debate on this very important subject, that poses so many risks to our Organisations. It will also see a start of a collection of exciting Cyber Security events co-ordinated by BCS Shropshire through to 2016.

SPEAKER: David Bowler

BACKGROUND: David is a security professional, with a strong corporate infrastructure background. He has recently been through the reverred Lancaster University Cyber Security Masters programme, so is on the leading edge of this fast moving threat. You will not want to miss what David has to say.

FOOD AND COST: Simple and tasty. Fab pork  or vegetarian pies, chips and bread. Cost £4. We operate an honesty system, whereby we ask those that have had food to pay us at the end of the meeting. We then pass this onto the pub to pay the bill. We assume that those booking tickets will want food, so if you do not want food, then please advise us when booking.

7.30 Welcome

7.45 Talk

8.15 Debate on Talk and provision of food.

8.45 Peer to peer questions on other IT issues.

9.15 Formal end, but folks welcome to stay.

This meeting will follow the BCS Committee meeting which is in the same room from 6pm until 7pm